The following is a breakdown of payout based from a full 30 paid team field for each Invitational event. Final participation from this formula will determine number of places paid and those amounts on a percentage basis.  Plaques are awarded to the top three teams of each event as well as the top three point teams of the season. EEI OPEN event payouts are modified outside this formula.


$10 X per entry = Big Bass        13’ BONUSES TO TOP THREE POINT CHAMPS

$1,000 = 1st                   Come fish EEI OPENS in 13’!!! Low entry – no membership required!

$500 = 2nd                                  1 IN 30 WILL GET PAID $1000 !!!

$350 = 3rd                                    NO GAS…MANY BASS…FISH GREEN!

$250 = 4th                     EEI FISHING OHIO’S BEST PUBLIC BASSN’ WATERS!!!!

$150 = 5th                         

$100 = 6th                     ELECTRIC ONLY FISHN’ = LESS EXPENSE…$1000 PAYDAY


There will be an optional $5, 15lb. pot available and collected at morning registration for invitational events in which the highest placed team that has participated in the fee, will win the full pool of money, if their catch weighs 15 total pounds or more.


If no eligible team weighs 15 pounds of fish or more, the pot will carry over to the next event.  You must have paid the fee for the event in which the 15 or more pounds were weighed to win the pot.


If no eligible team wins the "Lucky15lb pot” at the final Invitational event, all proceeds will be reported and distributed to the Top 3 AOY teams.


Membership fees, OPEN event proceeds and a portion of entries are applied to point champions prizes, liability insurance, plaques, website hosting fees, the team of help and various costs incurred by FBFP in order to promote and sustain this angling group.